written by Wanda

Rebecca Ferdinando Bares Her Nipples.

Have I ever mentioned that I hate actors and actresses that are so desperate to get their name in the headlines that they wear something completely inappropriate to someone else’s film premiere? I haven’t? Well I do. It just comes across as so desperate, not to mention disrespectful. The cast and crew of the movie worked hard to make the film playing at the premiere. It should be their night to shine. Maybe put your boobies away and let the cast and crew have the spotlight. Here at the ‘Dark Knight Rises’ premiere in London, Rebecca Ferdinando has decided to wear a dress with a completely sheer top so that her nipples are clearly visible. That bugs me. Worst of all, Rebecca has legitimate talent. This sort of publicity stunt should really be beneath her. I guess that’s showbiz for you though.


  • she is fit

  • great rack and a great pair of legs, i like, most celebs are like her tho which is a shame even now they have to wear sexy outfits to get people tongue wagging,

  • she is sexy but she knows it like most, she is showing off her assets and they are big assets

  • very very sexy, every part of her body

  • Tacky, slutty, whorish. Need I go on. Who would even think that it was ok to wear this out in public? I mean for godsake have some dignity for yourself. What an embarrassment it would be to be out with her if she had this on.

  • she is quite nice but the outfit makes her look s slutty the sad thing is a lot of girls nowadays feel the need to dress like it to feel sexy, sure for a guy it may look great but there is more to it than that

  • a good looking woman with a nice rack…………
    no crime no foul

  • this is it what most women are like pitiful, there is looking great but its a tacky look, she is a nice enough looking women and sure she has a great body but she looks a bit sluttiesh, when you have older women wearing revealing outfits no wonder young ladies have their legs and stuff flashing at every chance.

    The same sort of women who get mad when a guy checks their cleavage out the irony of it all

  • she is fit and has a great rack, legs are superb too

  • she got nice big boobs