written by Ann

Rebecca Romijn’s Sexy Hourglass Photos

Rebecca Romijn looks beautiful in this fashion shoot for BEBE ads. She is slim but has a full bust. I like her tunic gown the most of all. It might be one of the sexiest gowns available in the market. These Roman type of wraps have been making a comeback. Several celebrities have at least one piece of Roman inspired dress in their wardrobe. Rebecca’s pink clingy dress is another hot number. Just a few days back, we had a post on Kim Kardashian and she was wearing a similar, elasticized tube dress that was purple in color. These tight figure hugging dresses show our celebrities to be hot, hot chicks that rock the male senses crazy.

Rebecca Romijn

Sexy Rebecca Romijn Rebecca Romijn does it for BEBE fashion shoot Rebecca Romijn posing in nice dress Rebecca Romijn 5.jpg


  • Thanks Rebecca Romijn is marvellous!

  • Hadn’t seen some of those pics before and they are utterly awesome.!