written by Wanda

Recent Ass Shots Of Nicole ‘Coco’ Austin

I am going to admit this right off the bat – I don’t get the whole ‘Coco’ obsession but I am also fully aware that doesn’t matter a lick. People – men especially – love this woman. I have a theory behind that affection. It all has to do with her personality right? That’s got to be it. Nah, I’m kidding. People love her ass, her boobs and the willing that she seems eager to show them off every chance she gets. Personally, I think she looks all kinds of disproportionate. The boob/ass/body ratio is way off, but I can’t deny that her ass is incredible and so are her boobs. I just don’t think they look right on the same body. I’m pretty sure I’m alone on that one though so enjoy these photos of Coco on Miami Beach showing off what makes her famous. Gotta give the girl credit for giving the people what they want.


  • This woman is horrible. Classless.

    • We agree on something! Splendid! And yes, classless is the perfect word for her.

    • Hating on celebs on the internet doesn’t see very classy to me either.

    • @Wanda you need to learn more about anatomy before you go around saying someone is disproportionate. If you went to Brazil you’d most likely be calling women disproportionate left and right. Just because they have the best of both worlds. Maybe it’s disproportionate to you because you don’t see it often, but i have drawn (REAL) women just like Coco actually. In my art anatomy class in college.

    • @ Wanda I take back what I said. I don’t really have the right to say if someone has class or not. I mean look at me talking poorly about celebrity during my free time. If anything I’m classless.

  • More agreements will come!

    • Love it love it love it

  • To me, she has a very voluptuous body. However, I’ve reached the stage where I’m like “and?” What’s her personality like? What is she like as a mum? What makes her laugh, cry, angry?

    Also, I’m sure she can afford a bigger bikini top, no?

  • Who cares if she has class. Who cares if she is plastic in any way. Who cares what makes her happy or sad. She has big tits and a big fucking ass. She should be doing hard core pornography. Period. I want to fuck the sense out of her, doggy style of course. Then I want to sodomize her until next Christmas before I pump an epic load of semen on her face.

  • RR, you might not care, but I do. Human beings are much more than the physical (including yourself). It might help your fantasy to regard her as nothing other than an object, but she’s not. She’s a woman, a wife and a mom.

  • This woman is simply the most gorgeous person on earth. From her obsession of posting her body on the internet, i’m addicted to masturbating several times a day.

  • two pound of bologna in a one pound bag!

  • This is the most busty milf in the whole world… most addicting woman i’ve ever seen wooooowww those titss and butt yumm! :/

  • I agree that her body does not look even. Her ass is way to big for her figure and her boobs look unreal. I am not a fan of her at all. You can say men are interested in her, but not this man.

    • The reason why this man is not interest is because I’m gay. I love to take it in the mouth. I love big hairy balls, and dick way to much to like this girl. Should have said that first before i started hating. Sometimes I wish I was a girl but it wouldn’t be natural

  • I would pound her so hard, what guy wouldn’t smash her, ok so you might not think she is hot, but id still bang her, her tits and ass justify that

  • she likes to get all guys cock;s hard always shwoing off her body, she can do more shoots some hardcore porn, god id plow that hard, imagine having her in your bed the things you would do to her, the huge boobs and that ass would get plowed, id lick the shit out of it let alone anything else with her damn

  • she has a great ass

  • the ass is tremendous

    • Rock that ass coco I’ll always look

  • I’d bust all over that big ass. Would be like fireworks on the forth of July

  • she is a big booty goddess sexy

  • Perfect lady

  • would pound her for hours


  • you must be crazy or gay if you wouldn’t smash a wome built like that, proper busty, amazing curves, all the meat in the right places, huge boobs and ass, id love to smash her back out, and play with her big knockers.

    Sexy bitch

    • I may be crazy. I m, however a female so that may have something to do with it as well.