written by Wanda

Recent Pics Of A Katy Perry Performance

I know Katy Perry takes a lot of guff for her often revealing stage attire, but I don’t really see the big deal. Katy is a grown woman. If she wants to show a little t & a that’s her right and I’m fine with it. I love the pictures and I love that she at least has fun with it. She isn’t hung up on looking like a sexpot all the time. Her stage costumes have a little bit of personality at least and I appreciate that. I have seen far younger girls than her (Miley Cyrus and Taylor Momsen come to mind) wearing clothes that are just a provocative as Katy. I have a much bigger problem with those girls hitting the stage in next to nothing because they’re just girls. They’re not adults. Is Katy a bad role model? Perhaps, but she’s no worse than any of the other women out there in popstar land who do the same thing. Here at the UCF Arena in Orlando, Katy looks like she’s having fun and she looks good while she’s doing it. No complaints from me there.


  • Not a lot of female celebs can get away with blue hair and I think Katy carries it off fabulously! She’s creative, artistic and entertaining, always taking on a different theme when she’s performing live or does a video. She’s not all sex, sex, sex – it’s part of who she is but it’s not all of who she is. She doesn’t rely solely on (or always tap into) that to get from A to B.

  • Katy is just an odd gal if you want my personal opinion. She has different colored hair all the time and odd choices of clothing. But she can pull it off well and always has and for that I respect her.