written by Wanda

Recent Pics Of Rihanna’s Performance

I hate to say this but at this point, I have to. Is it my imagination or is Rihanna looking a little chunky. Maybe it’s the underwear/bikini she’s wearing on stage, but those rolls on her side just aren’t very attractive. I love Rihanna. I love Rihanna more than I love puppies, but honestly, she hasn’t been looking her best lately and here at her concert in Baltimore things are no different. Perhaps the controversy over her new video ‘Man Down’ is weighing on her. It shouldn’t be. I’ve watched the video and, as usual the PTC has completely over reacted. Regardless of the little rolls on her belly in some of the pictures though, Rihanna looks pretty good. I’ve always liked the red hair and although I prefer it longer, it looks good like this too. I’m just not sure if she made the right choice for her outfit this time.

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