written by Wanda

Reese Witherspoon Goes Jogging

Recently, I’ve come under fire in the comments for stating my opinion. Apparently, that opinion can be offensive so, I’m going to keep them to myself on this one. Here is Reese Witherspoon jogging. She’s wearing a black tank top and black shorts with white stitching, a black Adidas baseball cap and black sunglasses. Recently, Reese married Jim Toth. It is her second marriage. I really like her sneakers. They look comfortable and seem to be great for jogging. The blond girl she is jogging with may possibly be a friend or a business associate. The trees in the background look nice. I’ve run out of things to describe and since I don’t have a single kind word to say about Reese, I’ll end it here. Oh! And ‘Water for Elephants’ looks good.

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  • i love reese thx bro