written by Wanda

Reese Witherspoon Goes Shopping In Brentwood

Reese Witherspoon is a great mystery to me. I get why people like her because I sometimes like her. I also get why people don’t like her because I sometimes don’t like her. In all honesty, I have no idea from one photoset to the next how I’m going to feel about her. This time, I like her. I think she looks cute as she goes shopping in Brentwood. I’ve never considered Reese “hot” but she does have an appealing adorableness about her sometimes. I like the outfit she’s opted for her. I think it compliments her well and shows off her lovely legs. I don’t typically like big sunglasses but I think these ones look nice on her. All in all, the pictures are great. Just don’t expect my favorable opinion of Reese to last. It could be gone with the next set of photos.

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