written by Wanda

Remember When Tara Reid Was Super Hot?

Those were the days, weren’t they? I have to admit I have a soft spot for Tara Reid though. Girl just went so nuts and I really do feel for her. It may not sound like I do, but I really do. I know there is a tremendous amount of pressure on those in the entertainment industry. People can say celebrities know what they’re getting into but I suppose that’s easy to say when you’re not actually in the situation. I’m sure it looks a lot different to the fish in the fishbowl. Regardless, Tara really went off the rails and it’s hard to think imagine fame was really to blame. With that said, she is looking better in these photos from Saint Tropez. Maybe she’s turned her life around and is getting her head together. I really hope so. She’s looking healthier and happier. I just hope that sticks. Tara Reid turning her life around and finding her way to success again would be an epic comeback story and who doesn’t like those?

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