written by Wanda

Renee Zellweger Gets Way Too Much Hate

I know Renee Zellweger isn’t one of the most typically beautiful women in the entertainment industry, but that’s really what I like about her. She isn’t afraid to go out looking less than her best. She is who she is and she doesn’t seem to care if anyone else ‘gets that’. Following her split from Bradley Cooper a few months back, I was a little worried about her. Renee has had bad luck in the relationship department which is something I just don’t understand. She seems like such a relaxed sort of girl. Regardless, here in LA, Renee looks pretty cute, in my humble opinion. I’m sure there will be those who disagree but there’s just always been something about this girl I find appealing.


  • Agree. I like her and in my opinion is a fantastic actress, right there among the best. I have seen her looking major sexy and has great legs. She can be sexy and pretty when she wants. She just messes around with her look a bunch and often misses the boat. People should quit dumping on her.

  • I have a lot of time for Renee Zellweger. I think she’s an amazing actress. Last film I saw her in was Cold Mountain with Nicole Kidman and Jude Law. Great film. She looked totally different in it. She played a strong, stubborn, but lovable character in the film.

  • I loved Cold Mountain! If I’m not mistaken, Charlie Hunnam was in that as well although I might be confusing it with another film. Regardless, I thought Renee was great in it. My favorite Renee Zellweger role was, by far, Roxie in Chicago. Everything about her performance in that movie was spot on.

  • When I watched Cold Mountain, it was on my mind for a couple of days afterwards. Definitely a story of survival and deep longing.

    I don’t know who Charlie Hunnam, but I checked on Wiki and he was in it. He played the blonde psycho guy.

    Chicago is one film I haven’t watched yet. Must get round to it.

  • she is a normal looking women who actually has talenet unlike majority of celebs who are where they are solely on there looks and because they are attention queens she is very talented