written by Wanda

Rhian Sugden Is A Babe.

A long while back, I wrote a post about a woman who rose to fame as one of The Sun’s Page 3 girls. In that post, I admitted I didn’t know much about Page 3 girls and a few of the comments took me to task on that. I have since educated myself on the subject and have decided I quite like the whole idea. While doing my research I decided on Page 3 girl really stood out for me and that girl is Rhian Sugden. She’s gorgeous, of course, but she’s also using her position in the spotlight to help disabled children. I love that. In this set of photos, we see Rhian leaving the Big Brother House following her eviction. I have to admit I haven’t watched Big Brother or any of it’s variations since the first or second season, but I regret skipping this season. I love Rhian. It would’ve been nice to see how she did in the Big Brother house.


  • That is really great that she is using her position to help others, especially children. Good for her. Giving her credit that she is using her beautiful face to do something other than turn men on.

  • all these women are cock teasers that all they likes showing their boobs and ass of to all men

  • what a fox