written by Wanda

Rihanna And Chris Brown Take In A Basketball Game.

I don’t even know what to say about these pictures. I really don’t. Rihanna looks as gorgeous as ever and she looks like she’s having a great time but the Chris Brown of it all makes me feel a little weird. I think it’s admirable that Rihanna could find it in her heart to forgive Chris for what he did. Forgiveness is something few people can truly give and I think it’s takes great strength of character. Forgiving is not the same as forgetting though and it’s not the same as putting yourself back in a potentially dangerous situation. At the same time, it’s really none of my business. Rihanna is a grown woman. She’s also a strong, confident woman. This is her decision. She shouldn’t be thinking about the message she’s sending to her young fans because no one should ever live their life for someone else. At the New York Knicks vs. Los Angeles Lakers in Los Angeles, Rihanna looks happy and that is good to see. I still worry this story will have a tragic ending but as someone who has been in Rihanna’s shoes (without the world watching of course), I know how hard it can be to walk away from someone you really believe you love regardless of what they do. I eventually decided I couldn’t allow myself to stay in the situation and walked away. With that said, I do believe people can change and maybe Chris has. Most of what he says and does makes me think otherwise but I’m sure Rihanna sees a side of Chris none of us do – maybe that side is the real Chris. No one knows except Chris himself – not even Rihanna. As much as we like to think we can, there is no way to ever really know what someone else is thinking. We can only do what we feel is best for ourselves. That’s what Rihanna is doing. I just hope she’s making the right choice.


  • rihanna looks fit as fk as usual, very sexy, great legs and feet, she is a beauty

  • The person who wrote this article, we give mad credit and mad respect to. Its one of the most impartial, fair, intuitive and common sense articles some of us have read in a long time out of all the other controversial blogs who feel a need to create constant controversy about these two young people. Many of us magnify your sentiments. Rihanna and Chris were young, they are still young and the young make mistakes. Chris Brown is not perfect, far from it, but he is still growing and he’s done alot for young children and domestic violence organizations in the past several years, yet the haters who constantly vilify him fail to tell the other side of this young man or give him one ounce for trying to make positive changes in his life. Yet we see that others who had similar situations like Charlie Sheen, Edward Furlong, Nicolas Cage etc. seem to get a pass! Domestic Violence is nothing short of disastrous, but very few take the necessary steps to make changes in their lives. Chris Brown and his mom have attended domestic violence meetings, he has donated his time and funds to help out many domestic violence organizations, he has established a foundation to help out the disabled, the youth, offering scholarships, counseling and help with domestic violence for the youth. He continues to go to counseling even today as we understand it. Does that give him a pass, NO, does that mean that the episode that ocurred over 4 yrs. ago will Never happen again, no one can really say with one hundred percent certainty, but most probably not as Chris Brown did not have any history of committing domestic violence prior to this one incident. No one can predict what the future holds for Chris and Rihanna and No One should be predicting or judging these people’s lives!. The one thing that we can say with some assurety is that Cris Brown has taken positive steps and done positive things over the last few years to show he’s making an effort. That doesn’t mean he won’t falter at times like that twitter episode, but he took steps to prevent another future ocurrence which says to those who are listening that this man in his own way is trying to make positive changes in his life. He is still very young, he’s trying, give him time! So whatever Rihanna sees in him that she chose to forgive him, most of us can only speculate from what we read in the media, but only Rihanna knows what she sees inside of Chris and we are not in their lives to know what has been done, talked about or discussed behind closed doors, therefore, it would behoove all of us including the haters to not judge these two young people and let them live their lives, for its their lives after all and not ours. Myself and others feel that Chris Brown is smart enough to understand that another episode like the one in the past will most likely damage his music career and seeing that this young man had no history of violence prior to this one episode which is contrary to what one sees with other domestic violence men who have on record more than a number of ocurrences, it seems unlikely that there will be any other ocurrences like this from Chris Brown in the near future. The bottom line is that Rihanna is a grown woman, they were both barely 20 when that incident ocurred, they have both grown and one can only hope they each continue to grow in a positive way as time goes on. There will always be haters and condemnation from some, but its their lives and they are going to live it as they see fit and those who are hating should do the same. Don’t expect Rihanna to be a poster child for domestic violence because thats not what she elected to do. She has to live her life for herself not for he public as in the end, she is the one who has to be happy with the choices she makes in her life and live with those choices, not the public, not the media and not the haters! All one can do is wish them the best in whatever they choose to do. Both Chris and Rihanna appear to be happy being with each other and thats all that matters in the end. We see that life can be short, enjoy it while you can! If you choose to live out your life trying o please others, then your unhappiness in the end can be blamed on no one but yourself. People have that right to question the wisdom behind the choices these two make, but Chris and Rihanna are certainly grown at this point and capable of making their own choices whether the choices they make are right or wrong or people agree or disagree with their choices, remember, its Their Choices, Not Yours! Its Their Life, Not Yours! Live your own lives, take care of the problems in your own lives and get your own backyards in order, find happiness in your own lives if possible! It’s the best some of can say to all who read and feel a compulsion to judge and condemn! Find and do what makes you happy today as long as you are Not hurting anyone else, as there are no guarantees of tomorrow! Peace!

  • rihanna looks great here, so fit, sexy feet

  • Rihanna is a perfect example of how a woman can be a near 10 and because who she chooses to date becomes a 6

  • she is a fit bird, tidy but her haircut here sucks prefer her hair longer the short ahir is not the best imo