written by Wanda

Rihanna And Chris Brown Vacation In Hawaii

Blah, blah, blah, Rihanna, blah, Chris Brown, blah outrage!! I’m sorry, but I’m so over all of this drama. Rihanna is a grown woman. She’s a grown woman who has legions of young fans but it is wrong to ask her to make her personal choices based on what message those choices sends to her fans. It isn’t Rihanna’s job to set a positive example for your children. That’s your job. Sorry to be blunt but it’s true. Your kids should not be getting their moral cues from celebrities. With all that said, I’m worried about Rihanna and her decision to get back with Chris. I’m worried about her safety and I’m especially worried that one day, we’re going to hear a tragic story about how all this ended but Rihanna doesn’t have to answer to me. She doesn’t have to answer to her fans either. Her fans should like her for her music and not what she does or doesn’t do in her personal life. I firmly believe Rihanna is a strong, confident woman who wouldn’t make a decision she doesn’t feel is right for her. Maybe Chris has changed. Maybe he will treat her with respect. Maybe he’ll never raise a hand to her again. I’m hoping for the best for these two. All of that aside, I have to admit that Rihanna is looking exceptionally hot in these photos from Hawaii and yes, she looks happy. Maybe that’s all that matters in the end.

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