written by Wanda

Rihanna And The Dress That Has Everyone Talking

Rihanna is known for her bold, sometime risque fashion choices and this dress type outfit definitely hits both points perfectly yet it does it in a weird sort of casual glamorous way. Aside from all the jewelry, this is really a pretty basic outfit. It’s more or less an overshirt buttoned up a few buttons in the center. The scandal lies in how many (or how few) buttons are done up. Rihanna is really showing a whole lot of skin here. The question many seem to be asking is whether or not Rihanna was wearing underwear because it certainly looks like she isn’t in a few of these shots. It doesn’t matter to me though. Underwear or not, I think Rihanna looks great in this photo. I think she went for a certain look and she nailed it. I love seeing so much of her legs as well. Rihanna has killer legs. Is the outfit a little (or a lot) on the racy side? Absolutely, but I think it works.


  • lovely pics of sexy rihanna, she is pure sex right, those legs are some of the best, she loves showing off her glorious body but then if you had a body like her why not, love the tattoo on her foot too

  • she has a great body, she may as well get naked