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Rihanna At London

“Umbrella” singer Rihanna arrives at Amika in Kensington, London. She’s wearing her itsy bitsy teeny weensy blue body hugging dress and pointy heels. Is Rihanna getting hotter and hotter every minute or what?! Love the new hairstyle – although I still can’t forget her trendsetting ‘do from the “Umbrella-ella-ella” video. Can you believe all the success this girl’s achieved in the past year? She’s one lucky gal!


Umbrella singer Rihanna spotted in London Rihanna 3.jpg Rihanna 4.jpg Rihanna 5.jpg Rihanna 6.jpg Rihanna 7.jpg Rihanna 8.jpg


  • Holly shit what a cleavage. Rihannalicious! Is this even a word? Well, it should be!

  • Simply gorgeous outfit!

  • Rihanna is great! She has had a lot of success over the past year, and its mainly down to good songs. But it also has to do with her good looks. Look at that dress!

  • rihanna….shut up and drive.
    I wanna do you . :)


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