written by Ann

Rihanna At MTV VMA 2008

Rihanna looked beautiful with a tall cockatoo hairstyle. She attended the MTV VMA in one of her micro outfits. Her tube top allowed her to show off her tattoo of a cluster of stars down the nape of her neck. Rihanna had returned to the West Coast after her performance in NYC for Fashion Rocks. Her friend, Chris Brown, was asked that million dollar question about Rihanna and he said no. The young celebrities were prepared to wait and work out their careers before settling down.


MTV VMA 2008 Rihanna 2.jpg young celebrities Rihanna posing MTV Music Awards Rihanna 6.jpg Rihanna 7.jpg Rihanna shows legs Rihanna 9.jpg Rihanna 10.jpg Rihanna got sexy back Rihanna tattoo cockatoo hairstyle


  • she’s stunning! like always!

  • Yesss I agree…. she did it again she always look banging…….. doez it every tyme the vma’s wudnt hav been the same….

  • awesome legs


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