written by Wanda

Rihanna At The NBA All-Star Game

This is how I like to see Rihanna – on stage, having fun and being her funky self. Here at the NBA All-Star Game, Rihanna does what she does best – puts on a great show. She looks great and looks like she’s having a lot of fun. I love her body, but mostly, I love her smile. It’s hard to focus on these pictures though when other, much less delicious, photos hit the press this week. In them, Rihanna is shown swollen and bruised. Her lip is cut open. Her eye is swollen. We all know how that happened – Chris Brown. Chris took to Twitter to blame everyone else for those pictures, once again trying to make the situation all about him. Rihanna has asked her fans to move on and I’d like to. It must be hard for her, though, to see those pictures out there – pictures from what was, undoubtedly, an incredibly painful chapter in her life. Whoever leaked those pictures should be ashamed of themselves. What a sin for Rihanna and the people that love her.

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