written by Ann

Rihanna’s Fishnets At MTV VMA 2008

Rihanna performed a few songs at MTV VMA 2008 on Sept. 7. She was paired with T.I. for one song. During the dress rehearsal, Chris Brown accompanied Rihanna on stage to send her there. Brown sent a strong signal to T.I. and the rest of the stage hands. RiRi looked simply ravishing in her saucy dominatrix get-ups. Those fishnets must be doing the trick.


Rihanna 1.jpg Rihanna 2.jpg Rihanna 3.jpg Rihanna 4.jpg Rihanna 5.jpg Rihanna 6.jpg Rihanna 7.jpg fishnets MTV VMA 2008 Rihanna performs on MTV VMA Rihanna 11.jpg Rihanna 12.jpg Rihanna 13.jpg Rihanna 14.jpg Rihanna 15.jpg Rihanna 16.jpg dominatrix Rihanna Rihanna 19.jpg Rihanna waring fishnets

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