written by Nabanita

Rihanna Flashing Her Ass

Sure thing the world waits with baited breath when it comes to news about celebrities. So, when the media reported Rihannas difficult days, beating and bruises, people were wondering what next. Well, some people are made of stronger stuff and Rihanna has certainly proven that. These images of her Rihanna leaving her New York city hotel certainly show a very confident and sexy young woman carrying herself through all the pain and emerging strong. Kudos to the youngster and we’re all awaiting the next sexy number she doles out. That’s one black dress that clings onto her curves letting you see the clear picture. Click on more to see all photos of Rihanna flashing her ass.


Rihanna Rihanna RihannaRihanna Rihanna Rihanna


  • great booty!

  • I’ts somehow not that exciting after you we seen Rihanna fully naked.

  • nice ass flashing .. she knows she has great ass