written by Wanda

Rihanna Gets Fun And Flirty In Sexy Photo Shoot.

It feels like it’s been forever since I’ve publicly declared my love for Rihanna so I’m glad these photos came along. I wouldn’t want anyone forgetting that I absolutely adore this woman. I have to admit that I’m a little bit worried about her though. I’m not sure I’m in love with the idea of whatever is happening between Rihanna and Chris Brown. In the end, it’s her choice to make and I support her completely. If they’re back together, as it certainly seems they are, then she has her reasons and maybe he really has changed. His public temper tantrums and general behavior make me think otherwise but I don’t know him. It’s hard to go by what the press says as they like to spin things in whatever way will sell more newspapers and generate more clicks on their website. Regardless, we can’t look down on Rihanna for choose to let Chris back in her life. It is her life to live, not ours. Is she sending a bad message to her fans? That doesn’t matter. Kids shouldn’t be looking up to pop stars and celebrities as role models. You want your children to make smart decisions? Teach them to make smart decisions. Rihanna isn’t raising your children. You are. Even so, I do worry about this girl. I hope everything turns out well for her.



  • some of her best pics, she looks so good here, those legs are unreal, wish I had a girl like her

  • Wow she looks great here. I am usually not a fan of Rihanna but here she looks fantastic. Very sexy and classic. I agree with Gary that these have to be her best pics yet. If she keeps going like this I may have to become a fan of hers.

  • Rihanna does look good here. In some of the pics you can not even tell it is her. I have loved her since day one. She is very talented and just knows how to take care of herself.

  • great looking girl, and stunning long legs

  • she is great looking and her legs are stunning

  • Rihanna looks fantastic here. Very studious. The look fits her well. It is not a look that I have seen from her. She should wear it more often. It is rather pleasing on the eyes.

  • so fit

  • those legs yummy

  • rihanna looks at her best in these pics, i prefer her hair like this, she is a good looking girl but her legs are her best asset , incredibly sexy women