written by Wanda

Rihanna Goes Braless In Monaco

I think Rihanna is stunning. I think she’s just absolutely gorgeous. I don’t care if she’s all glammed up for a photoshoot or keeping it casual as she is in these photos that were snapped in Monaco. In all honesty, I almost prefer these more candid shots because they give us a look at who Rihanna really is. She isn’t the girl the public sees if they just look at videos,  red carpet photos, performance pictures and photoshoots. She’s far more relaxed and laid back than some of her more “done up” looks might suggest. I think these photos really show that. I love this Rihanna. I would want to hang out with this Rihanna. I like glamorous Rihanna too but in a different way. I look at glammed up Rihanna and I want to stare at her for hours on end but I look at this candid Rihanna and I want to be her friend.

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