written by irene

Rihanna Has Red Boobies

Rihanna just pulled off an amazing performance recently at the RDS in Dublin, Ireland. Dressed in a tight fitting leather body hugger with red accents (guess where the red’s at?), RiRi was like everyone’s most favorite masochist! Now I bet everybody wants to be under her spell! (Or under her umbrella-ella-ella-ella eh-eh). Heard that Rihanna’s dating Chris Brown these days – do I hear hearts slowly getting broken?


Rihanna RDS in Dublin Rihanna performance Rihanna BSDM outfit Rihanna wearing latex Rihanna 6.jpg Rihanna 7.jpg Rihanna 8.jpg Rihanna 9.jpg Rihanna 10.jpg Rihanna 12.jpg Rihanna 13.jpg Rihanna 14.jpg Rihanna 15.jpg Rihanna 16.jpg

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  • Rihanna your sexy pictures lights up the stage in london with your music and beautiful sexy voice.You have become a star shining bright with talent.You disguise yourself as a symbol of sexiness and appeal but your a woman of dignity and respect.All this coming from your jamaican friend wayne.


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