written by Wanda

Rihanna Hits The Recording Studio.

I’m a big Rihanna fan. I think she’s gorgeous, has a great body and is a talented musician. With that said, she’s looking a bit of a mess in some of these photos. I assume some of the pictures were just taken at bad moments as tends to happen from time to time but I’m honestly not really used to it from Rihanna. I’m used to seeing her constantly looking hot in her candid photos. It’s worth mentioning I believe these photos were snapped as she was leaving the recording studio in Los Angeles so there’s a pretty good chance she was feeling a bit tired. I don’t care though. She looks fantastic in most of the photos. I like the dress. It’s casual but sexy and I’m still loving the pixie cut. While these aren’t my favorite photos of Rihanna, I still enjoy them so that has to count for something.


  • she is hot and i would still rail on that ass but she is not at her best here, she looks way hotter than this normally

  • she is still hot tho, i mean she has that rugged look in soem fo these pics but you just know she would be filthy in bed and a really good shag, I’d do her right there in the studio, she is giving that big guy a nice look lol if I were him I would have gave it her there and then in the studio up the arse

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