written by Wanda

Rihanna Hits The Stage Looking Sexy In White

I like this new, less dramatic Rihanna. She still looks beautiful. She still has style, but she also looks normal. I no longer find myself saying things like, “wow, what a brave choice”. Instead, I can just say, “wow, Rihanna looks incredible”. I’ve been a Rihanna fan for a long time and her wardrobe has precious little to do with that, but I have always respected the fact that she really stood out from the crowd and I really don’t think that’s changed. With many other popstars going with outrageous fashion statements, Rihanna has turned back to the more natural and stepped away from the pack once again. Here at the Nivea, Milan, 100th anniversary, Ri-Ri looks lovely in a classic and simple white dress. I love it.


  • she is so fit, i wanna lick those sexy feet, tattoo on the foot too, woudlknt mind playing with her

  • this is the real sexy looking rihanna, I love her hair like this, I love the outfit she is a hottie

  • she looks great here, she is so fit, i wish she stuck to this look

  • these are nice pics, very sexy girl, nice body, those legs

  • more like ti from her, her hair looks great here, good outfit, she has an awesome face and a great figure, she should work it more like this instead of the trampy crap she does

  • Rihanna is such good eye candy but man her body is banging, she looks gorgeous in these pics, she is for sure a hottie