written by Wanda

Rihanna In A Sheer Blouse And Cut Offs In Hollywood

I know some aren’t a fan of the Rihanna pixie cut but I love it. I do a lot of work focusing on celebrity hairstyles for another website and just finished an article about Rihanna hairstyles a few days ago. I listed this one as one of my favorites because it’s one of the few Rihanna hairstyles the average woman could wear. It’s nice to see Rihanna shying away from some of the more daring styles she’s rocked in the past. While I like those looks too, this one is more understated and I think it highlights her features beautifully. Of course, this is Rihanna we’re talking about. If she’s not making a statement with her hair, you wanna believe she’s making one with her outfit. Here in Hollywood though, even Rihanna’s outfit is a little more understated than what we’re used to seeing Rihanna in. The sheer blouse is risque but it doesn’t matter. I think she looks fantastic.


  • Ewe Rihanna you totally disgust me. I do not think that you look great here at all you look like a hooker. Walking the streets. You have all the money in the world please dress like it. Much thanks,

  • no thanks, horrible stuff, she is so desperate, not keen on this look

  • her hair sucks like this, She is a stunning women no question but cmon rihanna go back to the sos look, more natural looking, you are pretty but not so much on these pics.