written by irene

Rihanna In Black

“Gone Girl Gone Bad” Rihanna shakes things up in a recent concert at Munich, Germany. Doesn’t the Umbrella-ella-ella-eh-eh singer look foxy in this black outfit? (Which reminds me of S&M and weird fetishes) Her boots are to die for! Paging, Rihanna! You gotta let us know where we can buy ourselves a pair of those for Christmas, girl! By the way, the third picture after the jump is too cute!

Rihanna Munich 1.jpg

Rihanna Munich 2.jpg Rihanna Munich 3.jpg Rihanna Munich 4.jpg Rihanna Munich 5.jpg Rihanna Munich 6.jpg Rihanna Munich 7.jpg

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  • the other girls look more charming than Rihanna