written by Wanda

Rihanna Is Gorgeous With Makeup Or Without It.

Rihanna is a babe. I know some people disagree with me but I look at her and I see a gorgeous woman. In these photos from her vacation in St. Tropez, Rihanna has decided to slip into a bikini, braid her hair and go without makeup for a little relaxation and I think she looks fantastic. I’m a big fan of the natural look on a woman and I think Rihanna pulls it off well. She has fantastic bone structure and a smile that lights me up to the very core. And that body? Please. This is a hard working woman who knows how to enjoy her downtime and I love seeing that. Rihanna is just spectacular and these photos only make me love her more.

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  • she is fit yh, shame most the time she acts like a slut