written by Wanda

Rihanna Looks Kind Of Sleepy

I’ve made no secret of my deep, unending love for Rihanna but I have to admit, she’s looking a little tired in these photos, snapped outside her hotel in NYC. Perhaps her busy schedule is starting to take its toll on her. Take care of yourself, RiRi! Your health is more important than your career. Sleepiness aside, Rihanna looks pretty darn good in these photos. I’m still loving the hair. I know she likes to mess around with her hair a lot but I hope she keeps this look for a while. I think it really works for her. Of course, I also have to mention the outfit. I love the pants but I can’t help thinking about how uncomfortable they must be. I had a similar pair once and wore them once before deciding I would never wear them again. Hope the next photos we see of this beautiful young lady show her looking well rested and refreshed.

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