written by Wanda

Rihanna Looks Smoking Hot As Usual, This Time In A Cowboy Hat.

I’m sorry but I freaking love a gorgeous woman in a cowboy hat. I don’t really know what it is about that look that drives me so wild but there is definitely something about it. For that reason alone, these pictures of Rihanna are near unbearable for me. Of course, the cowboy hat isn’t all these photos have going for them. There’s also Rihanna in a very revealing bikini and bold red lipstick. While I always love the hair choices Rihanna makes, the long black locks have always been my favorite. All of these things combine to make this one of my favorite sets of photos of all time.


  • Rihanna is so pretty. She has a unique look to her that is all hers. I love her and her music. The cowboy hat looks amazing on her as well. She seems to be loving life right now and I say good for her.

  • Rihanna looks awesome here. I love that her hair is longer now. I have seen her with short hair and did not much care for it. She is a very pretty singer who I would love to see more of. She looks adorable in a cowboy hat.

  • I love her in cowboy hats. I think that cowboy hats are very sexy on ladies and Rihanna does a great job at pulling this off. She is having fun it looks like which is what she deserves. Best of luck to her in the near future.