written by Wanda

Rihanna Nip Slip Shots

Full disclosure. I have been all over these pictures of Rihanna in concert in Monaco and I don’t see a nipslip but the info that came with these photos said there is one. I’m not sure how I’m missing it. I am, however, very sure I had a great time looking for it. Perhaps you will too. But please, if you see it, please let me know which photo it’s in in the comments below. Thanks! Ha. I feel like I’m looking for a lost dog or something. I can just picture what those “lost” posters would look like. Anyway, I can’t really write about what I can’t see but I can definitely write about what I can see and what I can see is a whole lot of sexy. I just love the way Rihanna works the stage. I’d love to see her in concert. Maybe one day.


  • look closely at this picture and you shall find it ;) http://hq-celebrity.com/photos/rihanna-2013-07-13/rihanna-11

    • Thank you! I knew someone would find it for me!!