written by Wanda

Rihanna On Horseback.

Sometimes Rihanna is just too much. I love her to bits but she’s almost too beautiful for me to stand. I love seeing her relaxed and that seems to be exactly how she feels in this set of photos. She’s a beautiful woman but what I think I love most about her is her attitude. While she sometimes gets herself in trouble for the things she says or the things she does, she doesn’t seem like the type of person that lets criticism get her down and I admire that. Rihanna is who she is and she doesn’t apologize for that. She doesn’t seem willing to change that either, despite the fact that sometimes she loses contracts or endorsement opportunities because of how she presents herself. I get the feeling that what we see is what we get with this woman and in a business that is often obsessed with being PC and putting out the image that sells the most records, I find Rihanna’s realness refreshing. Plus, she looks killer in a bikini.


  • It is refreshing to see some talent that will not change for others just because of endorsement deals. That says that you are a real person and do not care just for the money but care about yourself more.

  • I’ve always had a hard time when it comes to being attracted to other races. Rhianna makes me forget that little mental line. She is absolutely the sexiest thing to walk the earth. I am absolutely in love with that sweet ebony body of hers. RAR~ :D

  • I would love to taste that sweet blackberry pie of hers!

  • looks good here, Rihanna was at her best back in the sos, shut up and drive music videos as opoosed to the crappy red hair look she has more recently