written by Wanda

Rihanna Out For A Walk In Hawaii

I know I say this just about every time I post about Rihanna but I say it from the heart. I love Rihanna. She’s beautiful – absolutely stunning. On top of that, she seems to be such a normal, down to earth sort of woman in her every day life, even if her casual attire still has that Rihanna flare to it. Take these pictures from her Hawaii vacation, for example. She’s just going about her day, taking a walk, wearing a bikini and a cover up dress kind of thing. When I’m on vacation, just walking to or from the beach, I do the exact same thing. Granted you’d have to replace the word ‘bikini’ with ‘granny style one piece suit’ and would have to imagine a much more conservative cover up in place of the rather revealing pink number Rihanna’s sporting but in all honesty, if I looked like Rihanna, I’d be wearing the same thing. These pictures show her looking very relaxed, just like a person should look on vacation. I’ll say it again. I love this girl.


  • She looks like she’s taking time out for herself, contemplative, which we could all do with. She doesn’t seem to be in anybody’s company, well, apart from the camera.

    I can never keep up with her different hairstyles, but I do rather like this one.

  • She doesn’t look particularly happy in these photos. But then I guess if you’re on your own, you’d look like a crazy person if you were smiling (and then that would give the gossip columns something else to mouth off about).

  • hahaha Gavin what a blast that was! If you go to the aecvihrs and watch Rachelle’s One on One Jan 23 I’m actually off camera interviewing her. There’s lots more of Punta Cana segments on the way . . . .

  • Rihanna is just stunning in these pics. I love her dress. It shows off her wonderful body. I know that she works hard to look this great and for that keep up the good work Rihanna.

  • cant see her face with them glasses, great body though, her legs are awesome

  • great legs, nice ass on her, shame we dont get to see that pretty face, she is always good wank material