written by Wanda

Rihanna Performs At The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

Man, it takes a gutsy kind of woman to perform at an event like the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in New York and strut the runway alongside the models while you’re wearing little more than them but Rihanna is just the sort of gutsy woman who would do just that. It just so happens she looks fantastic as she does it. Somehow, Rihanna manages to hold her own alongside some of the most beautiful women in the world – probably because she’s a gorgeous woman herself. She has an incredible body, of course, but I think what is most appealing about Rihanna is her confidence. This is a self assured, relaxed woman that doesn’t try to be someone she isn’t to please people. There’s not a whole lot I don’t love about this woman and these pictures? Fantastic.


  • What the heck is she wearing? Is this a fashion show because she sure as heck does not look like she fits in. The dress is just god awful and those shoes make it look even worse. Come on Rihanna you can look better than this.

  • I do not much care for what she is wearing either Shelly. It looks very tacky. But I am a huge Rihanna fan so I would have watched the show no matter what if I had the chance. Rihanna has a great face and a wonderful body so that makes up for it.

  • Wow Rhianna needs a style lesson. She does not look put together at all. Guess that is what makes her a big star though. I do not even care for the Victoria Secrets models clothes, or lack of, lol.