written by Wanda

Rihanna Poses At The Eiffel Tower In Paris

Now, I’ve posted a lot of photos of Rihanna lately that I haven’t exactly been in love with which is weird as I adore this lady. I was worried I might be getting over my whole Rihanna fixation but now these photos of Rihanna at the Eiffel Tower in Paris have come along and I’ve fallen in love with her all over again. I think these photos of Rihanna (and friends) are fantastic. She looks awesome, of course, but she also looks like she’s having a great time. These pictures are just so fun and lighthearted. I really appreciate that. I wish I was there with Rihanna. It just looks like she’s having a blast. It’s always nice to see this pretty lady smiling.

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  • The other lady with Rihanna is the main picture is pretty, rihanna looks cheeky here she is hot