written by Ann

Rihanna Sells Huge Umbrellas

Rihanna was at the launch of the Rihanna Collection of Umbrellas. This was timely as Spring was expected around the corner. We all know how unpredictable spring rains are. Last season’s experience taught us. I like the idea of using a huge umbrella. I got drenched whenever I used my small one. Since I won’t get to share an umbrella with Rihanna anytime soon, I can dream about her if I buy one of her signature umbrellas.

Rihanna Collection of Umbrellas

Rihanna Umbrellas Rihanna Collection Rihanna 3.jpg Rihanna 4.jpg Rihanna 5.jpg Rihanna 6.jpg Rihanna 7.jpg Rihanna 8.jpg Rihanna 9.jpg

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