written by Wanda

Rihanna Showing Off Her Chest

Maybe I’m the only person in the world that doesn’t know this, but I have no idea if that tattoo on Rihanna’s chest is real or fake. I don’t care either way. I think it looks great although I hardly think anyone needed any more reason to look at Rihanna’s chest. I know there are some out there who disagree but I think Rihanna is gorgeous – chest tattoo or no chest tattoo. It’s nice to see her looking so good post Chris Brown breakup as she’s shown here leaving her hotel in NYC. While I believe I’ve already made my opinions on the Rihanna/Chris Brown relationship pretty clear, I’m not going to deny being a little happy to see they’ve gone they’re separate ways. I’m also not going to deny being a little convinced these two kids are going to eventually wind up back together.


  • she looked a lot better back in 2006, looks terrible now

  • her and chris brown are both drama queens, she is hot yes , but she looked her best in the sos video times, none of the slutty looks she does now

  • she looked her best as nick said yh back in 06/07, sos video and shut up and drive hell even go hard, her more natural look was better as opposed to the sluttier look she has on now