written by Wanda

Rihanna Shows Off Her Belly In Paris

I can’t say Rihanna always brings her A game because I have seen a few photos of her here and there I haven’t been a fan of but for the most part, I’d say she does. This is a lady that knows how to look good but also knows how to get people talking. I like that about her. Here we see Rihanna in Paris holding hands with a lovely female friend. There have been rumors about Rihanna possibly being bisexual for quite some time now but I won’t take this as a confirmation of those rumors. This could be nothing more than two friends hanging out and getting people talking. I’m alright with that; especially since Rihanna looks so incredibly hot here. This just another example of Rihanna looking gorgeous.


  • rihanna looking nice, she has a fine body, Her Friend looks pretty tidy too, nice pics

  • a threesome maybe with these two, rihanna hot damn