written by Wanda

Rihanna Shows Off Her Cleavage In Paris

Only a few short hours ago, I was writing about a set of photos in which I said Rihanna looked fairly normal. Here I am now writing about these photos in which we see the Rihanna I know and love so much. Heading out in this red jumpsuit in Paris, Rihanna is showing off her body in an outfit that more than a few would consider outrageous. In all honesty, I’ve seen far worse. I think the color works really well on her, I adore the hairstyle she’s rocking and her body looks out of this world. Did I like the slightly more conservative photos? Yes. Do I prefer these racier photos. I’d like to say no but I’d be lying and I’m not a liar. Great photos all around.


  • rihanna looks so hot here, i like the hair, great cleavage she does have a great body her friend also flashing some cleavage too, good pics

    • Yes I do think that she’s a Beutiful woman. I like her song’s and I wish that I can see her.

  • I want her and her friend, a threesome with those two would be very nice

  • Yes I think that Rihanna is a Beutiful woman. I do like her song’s and I would like to see her.