written by Ann

Rihanna’s Spiky Heels

Rihanna and Chris Brown were spotted having some KFC food. RiRi looked great in her casual gear and spiky heels although she wasn’t too happy to be tailed by photographers. Rihanna’s “Good Girl Gone Bad” has out sold Beyonce’s “B Day.” This means Rihanna is now the new Queen of R & B. Rihanna is also working on her own fashion designs. She hinted that she may design her lingerie collection first before venturing into other apparel.


Rihanna getting KFC food1 Rihanna 2.jpg KFC Rihanna in heels Rihanna wearing a skirt Good Girl Gone Bad Rihanna 7.jpg Rihanna 8.jpg fashion designs Rihanna 10.jpg Rihanna 11.jpg Rihanna 12.jpg Rihanna 13.jpg Queen of R & B


  • I love KFC. good food.

  • Those legs. That face. Those eyes. Is it me or she looks sad :(

  • very hot legs

  • OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH Rihanna your the ultimate godess of godesses, your beaty and sexiness are not if this world, ooooooohhhhhhh your leeeegsss, ooohhhh those liippssss, oooooohhhhhhhh you seduces the whole world. And we poor men just worship you. I want to see the goddess in a video with thousands of men standing on their knees before her and worship.