written by Wanda

Rihanna Steps Out In An … Interesting Dress.

Here’s what I love about Rihanna. She’s always surprising me. Just when I think she can’t surprise me any more, she does. This look caught me off guard. From the front and back, this outfit looks pretty tame, at least by normal Rihanna standards and then we see the photos of the dress from the side and there it is – a little peak of skin that makes the whole thing sexy somehow. The little peek-a-boo accent on the dress isn’t in anywhere scandalous but that little glimpse of skin is still impossibly sexy. I really don’t even know how that’s possible but there it is. I love this woman. She is her own. She doesn’t let rules dictate who she is whether we’re talking about her music or her fashion. I respect this lady endlessly. Beautiful.


  • I love it, and i love this women, she is very sexy, great outfit showing off her great figure, look at the curves on this babe, wish i could spend just one night with rihanna

  • I am sorry but I do not care much for the dress. Sort of looks like she took a pillow case and just wrapped it however around her body. Looks tacky to me. I like Rihanna’s style most of the time but not in this frock.

  • rihanna is so hot, and the chick walking behind her in the lower pic is a hottie too

  • I love Rihanna and am not honestly looking at what she is wearing. She could wear a potato sack and I would be thrilled. She has a wonderful body and knows how to show it off.

  • agree with drew, she is hot, great body, look at those legs, great legs and feet and I agree that chick walking behind her is fit

  • fit as fuck, she is so sexy, all 5 ft 9 of her great legs

  • lovely, very sexy girl, great legs, i fuck her so bad

  • great legs yes, yummy id lick her pussy all night

  • fit as fuck

  • her legs are her best asset, the lady in pink and jeans looks so sexy too, fitties