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Rihanna’s Tattoo On Bare Back

Rihanna turned up the heat with her backless pant suit at the MTV Mobile Bang Concert in Milan, Italy, on Tuesday, July 15. This week is the first anniversary since Rihanna has ruled Billboard Hot 100 for 7 weeks when her single, Umbrella, made its debut.

Rihanna will front Gucci’s limited edition luxury goods in December. This collection belongs to Gucci’s “Tattoo Heart” ad campaign. A percentage will be donated to UNICEF.


Rihanna onstage Rihanna 2.jpg Rihanna performing Rihanna 4.jpg Rihanna Rihanna ass Rihanna 8.jpg Rihanna 9.jpg Rihanna 10.jpg Rihanna 11.jpg Rihanna 12.jpg tattoo Rihanna 14.jpg Rihanna back Rihanna 16.jpg Rihanna 18.jpg Rihanna 19.jpg Rihanna 20.jpg Rihanna 21.jpg Rihanna 22.jpg

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