written by Wanda

Rihanna Wore A Bathing Suit To Go Shopping

In related news, Rihanna really does have a fantastic ass. In these photos, snapped in Monaco, we see Rihanna heading out for a day of shopping wearing what really seems to be a bathing suit with a little jacket over it and I’m not sure I’m really feeling this look. I normally like Rihanna’s fashion choices but this just feels a little lazy. Throw a skirt on, maybe some shorts. Clearly she was wearing this suit later in the day on a boat and maybe she just didn’t feel like changing. I’ve been there but when do it, I wear a pair or shorts and a tank top or some kind of cover up. Rihanna always pushed the envelope and while I typically like that about her, I’m not sure it worked for her here.


  • nice legs but she has lost her appeal to me a bit

  • Is that guy taking a picture on his phone of her ass looks like it, dirty boy lol

  • I’m actually surprised when I see pictures of her and she has clothes on, she is always basically naked, I mean she models half naked all the time, sure she is nice looking and has a great body but she acts like a whore pretty much all the time