written by Wanda

Rima Fakih In A Sexy Black Bikini

Rima Fakih is a stunner. That’s all there is to it. Here at the Miss Universe Contestants Official Swimsuit Poster Photo Shoot at Mandalay Bay Resort Casino Las Vegas, NV she poses in a black bikini and looks absolutely amazing. She has a sort of fresh faced, innocent look combined with an exotic sensuality that is so rare and unusual. Few women can pull off both of these looks at the same time, but Rima has it down to a science. Her body couldn’t possibly be hotter. She isn’t too skinny like many of the contestants you see in pageants like this but is skinny enough that I can see her having a real future in modeling. Plus, you just can’t argue with an ass like that.

Rima Fakih Rima Fakih Rima FakihRima Fakih Rima Fakih Rima Fakih

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