written by Wanda

Rita Ora Is A Babe And All But …

I have to be honest. I’m not feeling these pictures. I don’t know what it is. Perhaps it’s what appears to be stubbly armpits in the first photo or the fact that she looks sleepy in some of the photos but these snaps just aren’t doing anything for me. Sure some of them are fun and flirty but some of them just aren’t really all that flattering. Perhaps my standards are just too high when it comes to Rita. I’m used to seeing her as an out of this world beauty and while she’s super hot in these pictures, they’re just a little short of what I would usually expect from her. Here’s something though. I do like the tiger bathing suit. That has to count for something.


  • wow she is actually very nice looking

  • very pretty

  • Wow please shave your pits. You would think that if you had a photo shoot you would either shave or keep your arms down. It is very unattractive. She is pretty but that is a major turn off in my book.

  • she is very good looking tho who cares,

  • she is sexy