written by Wanda

Rita Ora Looks Gorgeous In London

I’ve given Rita Ora a lot of guff in the past and have said I don’t find her especially attractive. That is not the case with these photos. I think she looks absolutely lovely here. I am not a huge fan of the outfit but it’s very Rita. She likes loud patterns and bold colors so I’d say this look about nails it on all fronts. It’s also very flattering and shows off her gorgeous legs so yes, I’d have to say I’m a fan. In these photos, snapped as Rita┬áleaves the Sony Music Studios in London, Rita shows off what I like most about her – her bold personality. This is a young lady who likes to look good but also isn’t afraid of taking chances with her fashion. She also manages to take those chances without looking like she’s trying to be shocking or outrageous. Great photos.

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  • she is quite nice really, those legs are great , the outfit is awful but rita looks mighty good