written by Wanda

Rita Rusic Is A Babe.

I know I shouldn’t care a lick about something as silly as age but it’s really hard not to when it comes to Rita Rusic. This woman is 51 years old. 51. I just do not understand how that is even possible. I’m turning 30 next month (gifts are welcome) and I’m going to be perfectly honest, I don’t look even half as good as Rita. That’s not me being self-hating or fishing for compliments (compliments are also welcome although I prefer gifts). That’s just me stating a fact. This woman is beautiful in every possible way. She has a real woman’s body – not a stick thin waif with no boobs or butt to speak of. She has a gorgeous face. Had I not checked three different sources, I wouldn’t believe for a moment that this woman is in her fifties. The thing about Rita though is that she isn’t just hot for a woman of 51. She’s hot for a woman of any age. I absolutely love Rita and these pictures are among my favorite shots of her. She looks like she’s having a great time.


  • great pictures, rita is gorgeous, great rack

  • stunning 50 + women, there are a lot of mature sexy women out there tho but she is incredible

  • 51 yrs of pure hotness, what guy wouldn’t plow that

  • Okay first off that suit is killer. I love it and would not mind having one for myself to sport.
    I can not believe that she is 51. 51 is not old by any means but she does not really look a day over 35. She is gorgeous.

  • For being 51 she is a hottie. She looks great. I have never really seen a person in her 50s look this good. I think that she must work on it though. It can not be all good genes. Must eat good and work out and take excellent care of herself.

  • there are loads of older women in shape but she is in great shape and at 51 how many guys wouldn’t want to smash her, I know I would love too, she is so hot

  • good looking 50 yr old lass, looks well fit