written by Wanda

Rita Rusic Is Ageless.

The first time I posted photos of Rita Rusic I was shocked to learn she was over fifty years old. Since that time, I’ve continued to be shocked each and every time I’ve posted about her. This woman doesn’t age. I’m thirty years old and Rita looks better in a bikini than I ever have or ever will. While part of me wants to be jealous, a larger part of me just can’t be mad at her for taking such great care of herself. I’m sure genetics are part of it but it takes effort to stay in the kind of shape Rita’s in, good genetics or not. And let’s not even start in on the confidence this woman has. A stunner at any age. I absolutely love Rita.


  • Rita is always good for a moist crotch shot.

  • theres quite a few very attractive 50 yr olds out there, may sound sick to a lot of people, I am a young lad in my 20’s and I find some women aged between 40- 55 sexy as hell, with great bodies.

    Rita Rusic is amazing of course, great sexy older women

  • I prefer older women myself and Rita Rusic is a babe, Watching the show Everybody Loves Raymond, The actress in that is in her 50’s too Patty Heaton she is a fine looking mature bird too, Love these older Milfs