written by Wanda

Rita Rusic Is Fifty (Plus!) And Fabulous

It still boggles my mind that Rita Rusic, the gorgeous woman the photos below wearing a pink bikini at Miami Beach, is over 50 years old. I know that age is nothing but a number and all that but it’s kind of ridiculous that I am 20 plus years younger than her and she looks hotter in a bikini than I do – and by a fairly wide margin. Rita isn’t just sexy for her age. She’s just flat out sexy. I love these shots. She looks so confident and comfortable in her own skin. Plus, she looks incredible. I mean, she looks¬†really¬†incredible. That bikini was the perfect choice for her. It flaunts her fine figure and the color is lovely on her. Great shots from start to finish.


  • she is very sexy 50 yr old women, wouldn’t mind having her in my bed

  • I prefer older women, I have seen a fair few women in their 40’s and even in their 50’s that I would bang in an instance period, nice enough looking and decent bodies.

    What guy wouldn’t enjoy doing a nice 50 yr old women , rita rusic is hot, I sure as hell would not pass her up

  • she is very fit, age means nothing, sexy is sexy and rita is sexy, she is nice looking she has an awesome figure and she is an elegant mature women, How many young guys would not want a ride at a women like her?

    As a rule I love Milf’s and she could be a Gilf, they all kick ass

  • I would smash her anyday