written by Ann

Rosario Dawson’s Full Bikini

Rosario Dawson has been in Italy, attending the Ischia Global Film and Music Festival. She looked beautiful and bountiful in the mammary regions. Her black bikini was full and could hardly contain her assets. Dawson had the company of her boyfriend, Mathieu Schreyer. They had been dating since January.

Rosario enjoyed her spot of sun tan and a good rinse off. The curvaceous bikini babe was generous in the flashing of her bronzed jugs.

Rosario Dawson

boobs bikini Rosario Dawson 3.jpg showering beautifu Rosario Dawson Rosario Dawson 6.jpg Rosario Dawson 7.jpg curvaceous assets


  • wow… she is looking great.. especially her body! :D

  • Nice ORBS ^__^

  • Summer time. She looks really happy :)

  • Oh man…can you imagine sucking on those things? Or putting your dick between them? Very nice!

  • uh,huh-uh,huh-uh,huhhhhh !!! every time i see her the first thought that come to mind is: all night long. all day long. sugar. spice. lacy. satin. silk. no bra. no panties. deep. deeper. sweet. hot. wet. creamy. exquisite pleasures. boundless pleasures. milk-cream and honey. that black outfit she’s wearing is just” to-hot-to-trot”.

  • Yeah…keep dreaming. She will not date somebody who writes on websites about her like she is a piece of meat.

  • Why not Danielle are you a prude too? I’ve dated her and I’m an asshole so see what you know. One point for me yeah!

  • she is gorgeous, beyond stunning, i saw her in zookeeper and thought wow she is gorgeous, looked her up and i see her on here great stuff.

    I wish she was mine

  • lovely looking women and a great body