written by Wanda

Rose McGowan Hits The Gym In Studio City

Have I mentioned that I absolutely adore Rose McGowan lately? No? Well, I absolutely love Rose McGowan. There shots of her heading for an afternoon work out at a local gym in Studio City, California are so naturally sexy. She’s just out and about in the most casual of casual attire – her work out clothes – carrying a bottle of water and a purse yet she looks so glamorous somehow. I don’t know how she pulls it off. Perhaps I’m biased. I’ve been a member of Team Rose since I saw her in “Generation Doom” about a million years ago (rough estimate) and that love has never wavered for a second. She’s pretty much my hero – smart, sexy, strong and confident.


  • I think it’s her flowing fiery hair that does it for me. Her pale skin also brings out her hair colour. Plus, yes, I’ve seen interviews with her and she does come across as a woman who certainly knows her own mind, and is witty as well as funny.

  • Sporty girls are nice ^^

  • her ass is so good, id destroy this chick