written by Wanda

Rose McGowan Running Errands In Los Angeles.

i haven’t had the opportunity to mention how much I love Rose McGowan lately. That makes me sad because I love this woman a whole heck of a lot. She’s beautiful, she’s gutsy and she does things the way she wants to do them. I love the way she seems to gravitate towards strong female characters in her film roles and always executes them so flawlessly. Here in Los Angeles, Rose looks as gorgeous as ever. While I like seeing Rose all glammed up for her film roles, I also love these more casual, candid shots of her. It’s nice to see she’s just as beautiful without a team helping her out.


  • Rose is a very pretty lady. I have always liked her. I remember watching every episode of Charmed when she was on it. I have not seen much of her lately but I do hope that that changes.

  • I have never been a huge fan of Rose. She seems very odd to me. I mean did she not once date Marilyn Manson? I am thinking that she did. She is pretty but I do not much care for her acting.

  • she is nice i must say, great body on her too, she is curvy and busty, love the tight top she has on and the pants show off her big ass, great pics